Films Embedded In-Between Book-Covers: What is happening to Baby Jane?


Kaisa Kurikka

Traditional ways of studying adaptation have mostly focused on the topics of fidelity and originality. This article, however, is concerned with adaptation as a “process of in-betweenness”, a movement of connections, in which the relations between the “original” and the adaptation are thought of through analogy, i.e. as similaraties born from difference. The connections between Henry Farrell’s novel What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1960), Robert Aldrich’s film of the same title (1962) and a Finnish novel, Baby Jane (2005) by Sofi Oksanen are discussed emphasizing their narratological and thematical analogies. In addition this article elaborates on various epistemological and conceptual questions, such as the ontologies of authorship and adaptorship, the relationship between adaptation and appropriation. The article also links Oksanen’s novel to the historical continuity of “novelizations”.